In order to keep the service free, optimal, and great, then we need to establish some rules to help prevent chaos happening with the server.

As soon you have created an account on our server, you immediately agree to the rules & guidelines (or ToS) regarding the usage of our ZNC service, and understand the consequences upon violation of the ToS.

You are only permitted to have ONE ZNC account on our service. Getting caught creating multiple accounts will only risk you a ban from our IRC channel, prohibited from creating new ZNC accounts in the future, and current accounts terminated.

As soon you have created an account on our server, you agree that you will not perform the following acts (but not limited to):

Use the service to promote spam, send malicious or otherwise illegal content. Examples (but not limited to): Intentionally sending links or files that contain malicious code (or viruses) to other computers, sending or otherwise distributing child pornography or “warez”.
Perform Denial-of-Service or Distributed Denial-of-service attack using the ZNC service or server.
Use the ZNC service or server to spam or otherwise “flood” an IRC chatroom or network.
Use the ZNC service or server to evade a ban placed by a channel or IRC operator.
Depending on the severity of the offense, a ZNC user could get up to 3 warnings (or 3 strikes), before their account gets terminated. Certain offenses can result in an instant termination, including (but not limited to): Sending malicious or illegal content, mass IRC spam or “flood”, Using the server or service to perform a (D)DoS attack.

This ZNC service has no policy regarding the usage of free speech, regardless of how “hateful” it is considered to be by others, and will not go after those for expressing their opinions. (In other words, we are normal(-ish) people, not SJWs.)

The administrators of this service reserves the right to use discretion when it comes down to dealing with offenses, and reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.